RMS - Regulatory Management System

Business Need

The objective was to design a new Complaints, Rates, and Forms Tracking system, and integrate it with the LDI’s existing Entity Management System. This integration would allow the combined systems to share data and processes, a consistent user interface, and the performance, security, and maintenance benefits of newer technology. The goal of this project was to create a single, comprehensive system for LDI staff to perform the majority of their everyday work.

Our Approach

We worked hand-in-hand with the LDI staff to define their system requirements, project goals, and vision for the integrated interface. Based on those definitions, we modeled the new system to blend multiple technologies seamlessly, and ensured that the project met all requirements, stayed in budget, and faced minimal project risks.

Key Features

The new RMS utilizes technologies to allow faster system interaction for users, more scalability, and substantially more flexibility and extensibility than the previous systems. Security is improved across the board.


ASP.NET, MVC, web api, Bootstrap, Telerik

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