Business Need

The LDI needed to develop a mobile app for both iOs and Android which would combine the functionality of two existing mobile apps, while adding additional features and the extensibility for future enhancements. It needed to comply with LDI security standards, fully interface with the LDI’s user security management system, and connect with internal system at the LDI to enable remote work from anywhere. Most importantly, the app needed to be user-friendly.

Our Approach

We worked with LDI staff to conduct an analysis of the existing mobile apps, detail new features, and develop a new user interface. Following agile processes, the development team created a mobile app which met all the requirements and is very easy to use. The mobile app successfully allows LDI staff to work on-the-go, and has already been enhanced with new features since going live.

Key Features

Full integration with the LDI user security management system, integration with internal LDI applications and workflows, push notifications, an easy-to-use interface for users, mobile app functionality based on user permissions, seamless remote app updates, and easy maintenance with functional parity between both iOS and Android so both apps are always in sync.


Xamarin Forms, Azure Notification Hubs, Microsoft Active Directory, Sentry.io, Entity Framework, Microsoft SQL Server, GrapeCity ActiveReports

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