Department of Louisiana Economic Development (LED)


Business Need

The Department of Louisiana Economic Development (LED), is vital to ensuring continued economic growth in Louisiana. To accomplish its mission, LED has numerous publicly accessible online systems for resident as well as companies from all over the world to apply for economic assistance and incentive programs. Due to the dynamic nature of these programs, LED required assistance with maintaining, improving, and adding additional functionality to their online systems.

Our Approach

Working in concert with our LED IT liaison, we reviewed their online systems, met with key users within LED divisions, and created a comprehensive list of all immediate system changes. Using our existing Agile development processes, we prioritized and completed all of their requests. As part of addressing the requested system updates, we have improved system response times, enhanced the underlying technologies, and increased system stability. Working with the LED IT liaison, we have continued to address their needs and requirements as additional requests are submitted.

Key Features

Enhanced system response times, overall system stability, various system components converted to use current technologies. Additions to the systems based on user needs and requirements.


C#, HTML/CSS, Javascript, Typescript, Core, MongoDb, Adobesign API, Google Authenticator API, Angular, Bootstrap, Fontawesome

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