Louisiana Military Department

Point of Distribution Information System (PODIS)

Business Need

The Louisiana Military Department is one of the key components of the State’s disaster recovery operations. Over the years, the Military Department has developed systems to aid with recovery operations. The Point of Distribution Information System (PODIS), is one such system, and it tracks the supplies and equipment used during disaster recovery operations. As the system has been in place for years, the Military Department needed the PODIS system upgraded, expanded, and modified.

Our Approach

Working together with our Military Department liaison, we identified issues which needed to be resolved, functionality that required enhancement, and new system functions that needed to be added. After determining priorities, our development team completed the tasks in short order using Agile processes and methodologies. We continue to work with the Military Department to improve and add functionality to PODIS.

Key Features

Dramatically improved performance and user interface response times, enhanced and added functionality, and upgraded system technologies.


.NET Framework 4.5.2, KnockoutJS, HTML5/CSS, Bootstrap, MVC, Entity Framework, DataTables

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