Teaching Research Institute (TRI)

Social ShapeUp

Business Need

The Teaching Research Institute’s primary application, Social ShapeUp, was suffering from severe system response delays, user interface inconsistencies, and business logic issues. The list of concerns and unresolved bugs led to lost revenue from current customers and the inability to sell to new customers. The application had to be re-engineered and streamlined using current technologies. In addition, all the improvements had to be completed within four months before the next school year began.

Our Approach

First, we analyzed and inspected the existing Social ShapeUp application. We conducted interviews with the Teaching Research Institute to understand the history of the program, the current state it was in, and what was required to make it successful. Following this phase, we set up new servers, updated the application, migrated the data, and performed extensive user testing. Using agile processes and constant user interaction, we were able to deploy the updated system on-time.

Key Features

An enhanced and dramatically faster system for users, implementation of missing functionality, corrected user interface inconsistencies, new added system features revealed during initial analysis, updated underlying system technologies, and improved system scalability for periods of heavy loads.


SignalR, Bootstrap, ASP.NET MVC 5, ClosedXML

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