Fraud RMS Integration

Business Need

The LDI needed to re-engineer their desktop Fraud application, integrate it into their main line of business application RMS, and migrate all legacy data from multiple databases into the new Fraud system. Goals of the integration included a new and more consistent user interface, a more robust security framework, integration with the LDI user security system, adding new functionality for Fraud processes, and enable existing functionality that was already available to the other divisions at the LDI.

Our Approach

We worked very closely with the Fraud division on analyzing both their existing system and their current and future needs, and then created a detailed plan from this information. A complete set of interactive mock-ups was created for user review. Agile development processes where used to quickly create a completely new Fraud system fully integrated within RMS. The net result of the combined LDI and Tri-Core team was a system that met user requirements and was on-time and in budget.

Key Features

Integration with RMS database to reduce duplication of data, fully web-based with a consistent user interface with RMS, full auditing, zero data loss during migration, functional parity with other parts of RMS, and better import functionality from external data sources.


Entity Framework 6, MVC 5, Telerik, Aspose.PDF, and SQL Server

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