Management and Finance System Workflows

Business Need

The LDI needed to consolidate their existing Inventory Control System and Equipment Sign-out process, recreate their SharePoint workflows, and incorporate them all into their Management and Finance System using the most current technology. Also required was to enable remote interaction with workflow system.

Our Approach

In conjunction with agile processes, we worked very closely with LDI staff to create a vastly improved application, as well as a new mobile app, that included an updated Inventory Control System, Equipment Sign-out, and associated workflow processes.

Key Features

A modernized user interface, enhanced database design, greater system security, updated notifications, streamlined processes, and auditing improvements. Standards of usability and maintainability on par with the other modern applications at the LDI. The mobile app, developed for both iOS and Android, includes push notifications and full workflow integration with approve or deny functionality.


Windows Workflow Foundation (WF), Xamarin

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